• Role: Founder

Getting data into insight sucks, particularly when the data is open to intepretation, it can provide false truths. Nowux is a project that removes that, it allows data to be gathered and then analised unbiased, providing true insight.


  • Role: Senior App Designer and Android Design Lead

Vipps is the greatest finance app in Norway, with over 75% of the Norwegian population using it, here I lead and design features and experiences for mobile platform with a higher focus on Android, and optimizing its design system.


  • Role: Senior Designer

Refreshing the experience of tracking your package, symbolizing change with a bolder movement and a stronger design, all still based on how packages are.


  • Role: Senior Designer

As humans, we are not great in anticipating things that have a direct impact on us unless we have experienced that impact personally.
Sun damage is one of such experiences, we don’t denote its effects because they are not visible until years have passed, therefore we created Sunblock, an app that helps people to know when it’s time to apply sunblock depending on your melanin levels and your location.