Oct 14, 2017

How did we misuse terms?

So… Design methodology has gotten some traction in the current generation, maybe its been caused by Apple, maybe it has been invited by the hipster’s movement, why I’m not sure but I am happy it has become that way, but with that increasing popularity and an extra effort in trying to categorize everything so that it’s more recognizable in conversations.

Within those conversations, people have grown affectionate to utilize these terms without fully knowing it’s meaning.

User experience

“User experience” encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

In some conversations people believe that User Experience can be delivered to a section of a service, as for example:”John you are in charge for the user experience of this web page” even though John can try to fix the user experience on the web page, it’s an uncompleted project. The user does not only visit a web page, the user or as Apple is trying to rename the concept to Human, which I believe it makes more sense, because the term user implies that the user uses only a service “A person uses a toilet” as a single isolated event, the Human is broader than a service.

So user experience or human experience tries to compile the experience of not only of a platform or service, it envisions that whole experience from first hearing about the product, unpacking it, using it, and discarding it.

That is why we see better packing in our products and better services, Apple has been experts on doing this and one of the many reasons they have been so successful, the whole service feels so connected, so coherent and constant on their products.

Service Design

So this one hits close to user experience, I hear a lot of discussions about Service Design being described as user experience: ” The design of all the interaction of a user and it’s product”.

Close, but not quite, as service design does not only that but it focuses also on business needs the methodology is there not to only think of the user, but also how to improve the internal processes of the company.

This benefits both the user with more accessible deliveries and the company with better operations.

Service design improves the experiences of both the user and employee by designing, aligning, and optimizing an organization’s operations to better support customer journeys.

User Interaction / Interaction Design

The common concept for user interaction is the one that works with the visuals, a simpler description than it deserves.

User interaction also includes the process of thought of a person, literally the way a user interacts with a service, the most plausible role for that description would be a Visual Designer.

Final thoughts

But I think these titles make more harm that they need to, I try to avoid labeling my work under these specific areas, at the end, I’m simply a designer which is interested in solving problems in the most creative way possible, yes I am a generalist, in regards to arts and designs I think it’s hard to separate at the level we do today.

I have a whole discussion about generalists and specialists, but i’ll leave that one for the next time.

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