Nov 23, 2017

My get to Sketch plugin list

So I believe that in life, at least for now we are all in for automatization

Anything that could make our life easier is quickly adopted. And I can say since I’ve adopted sketch app as my go-to tool for UI work my production as increased, the app itself saved me a lot of time, but what saved me, even more, are the plugins I use.

So here is a list of my sketch plugin list and why I use it.


Choosing colors is not always easy.

Alembic preview

Getting the right color scheme is not always easy, we need to respect saturation, contrasts and how they complement each other among other things.

The way our brain perceives color is based on how we perceive the world if we normally react to a specific color combination is because our brain triggers a “conflicting” reaction where it does not recognize a specific pattern, and therefore provides us an uneasy feeling where we want to provide some balance and structure to what we see.

So, therefore, an easy way to start your color selection is to search for an image that provides you the appropriate emotion and try to start a color palette from there.

Alembic does exactly that, if you provide it a bitmap in Sketch it will, in turn, suggest a color palette from it, if you have a balanced image to start with it will also provide you a set that reflects that same feeling.


It definitely will make your process run!

This is what it’s all about, Runner runs commands, inserts symbols, installs plugins and so on… this one really help me in my inserting symbols process into the artboard, it provides a smart search solution instead of a tree system that sketch comes built into, and if you have commands that do not have shortcuts you can run them from here as well, in short, this is definitely a must-have in my mind.

Anima auto-layout

Bip bop boop everything is scalable.

Anima launched Launchpad which is a tool that solves a couple of things, it’s able to generate HTML, but what I use it for is to create scalable content, it helps me maintain a grid system, where my content always have the same margins, and I can easily use columns and rows to wrap my content when I duplicate or remove content.

There is a little learning curve but definitely worth it!


Oi boy what a high-def prototyping tool, but oi boy what a learning curve.

Framer is one of those tools kinda like Origami from Facebook, where you not only create visual content, but you can use the device capabilities to create high-end prototypes, such as camera feed and so on.

This one is on my wishlist to learn well, it comes packaged with some demos that you can use to create your content, and the Facebook community is quite active in sharing knowledge, but it comes with the catch that it requires some sort of programming if you really want to use it right.

But I’m blessed to work with super effective developers that are able to create content natively in swift or similar quicker than I am able to prototype it in framer.

Also, decide on your fidelity before you prototype, sometimes some paper is better and lower, or use marvel/invision for medium, tools like these are for experts, and work ideally when you really need to make an idea come alive to someone who’s remote.

Artboard Tricks

Does it do backflips?

Artboard tricks can rearrange your artboards in a similar manner that Symbol Organizer does, but it also can create a numeric system to your artboards. I use this one a lot.

Font Finder

Awww I need to replace all those fonts…

So Font Finder ain’t pretty, but does its job, it searches in your sketch file and selects that font you selected on the dialog so that you can change it to a new one. A simple tool that I wish that I’ll never need… but that is only an illusion.

Icon Font

Fetch that icon!

Icon font requires some set-up as it requires for you to install the icon bundles to be added to your library, but after adding them you can easily use the icons such as material icons into to your work in a font format which you then can convert to outlines if you want to.

It’s a nifty tool to use to quickly access those icons that you know what you are looking for.


Brand assets nicely put together.

Lingo is one of those tools that was build to keep your brand assets in check, and this tool is also something I wish I used more.

Sketch recently released libraries, even though it’s close, it’s not the same, while sketch library are used as templates, lingo is used to manage and keep organized your assets, you add or change in a similar way .git does, in the manner that you commit changes, anyone using the library will be notified of the changes and will be prompt to update their assets.

If you work in a systematic manner and have a good design process in place, this would be the type of tool you would like to have under your umbrella.

Merge Symbols

Let me just duplicate this artboard… Hey, why do I have duplicate symbols??

Yeah, it probably happened to you, when you eventually go to your symbols page only to notice there’s duplicate content, and if you are somewhat OCD and take pride on your files, it will annoy you.

Therefor Merge duplicate symbols was born, this nifty tool looks for duplicates presents you to them and asks you to select the right one, so that he can replace the ones with the one selected, there is an instant feeling of pleasure after you run this plugin, I need a smoke right now.


layer copy 4

Another highly satisfying tool, select the layers you want to rename, add variables and your own text, and keep those layers neatly named.

RenameIt is one of those tools, that will give your files that look of a structured person worked on them, and in turn boosting your ego, and making people think that you must be really dedicated to your work to use the time to name all your layers, only if they knew…


Medium fidelity prototype

I like Flinto, it’s a simple tool to create someone interactive prototype, they can look pretty close to a working prototype.

It’s somewhat similar to principle but principle uses a timeline while Flinto uses states and behaviors.

Worth a try, at least for funzies, I made a tinder similar app once on this.


Get those layers ordered

Sort Me simply takes selected layers or artboard and arranges them by name, I use this one with a combination of artboard tricks which prefixes my layers with numbers, this way I know I can scan through content quicker, and find what I am looking for.


No, nothing to do with iron man

Stark goes through different chromatic accessibility views so that you can see your work as others, with reduced chromatic experiences, see your content.

Go get it, it’s free.

Symbol Organizer

OCD kicks in.

Symbol Organizer has been used at least once by most designers I know, it creates an organization system for your symbols and puts them in a grid.

Keep your OCD demon happy.


Do I need to explain this one?

Zeplin is a tool for design specs become quickly available to the development team, it allows them to extract assets and see measurements.

This plugin allows me to export my artboard there, simple as that.

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