Apr 12, 2018

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So… Design methodology has gotten some traction in the current generation, maybe its been caused by Apple, maybe it has been invited by the hipster’s movement, why I’m not sure…

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Throughout my professional experience, I’ve always met 2 types of clients, the ones that want a hamburger menu as their navigation choice and the ones that don’t. If you haven’t…

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Oct 7, 2017

Da har vi hatt gleden av å ha Phuong Nguyen fra EGGS Design innom oss for en liten prat om sin process for fargeteori og komposisjon, fått innblikk på hva som driver Phuong…

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Aug 12, 2017

Today our discussion will revolve around the how should Designer and Developers work together, what makes an ideal working environment, so that barriers are minimized and the ones left…

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